NZ Cloud Computing Specialists

Cloud computing technology enables businesses to scale (up or down) quickly and efficiently without the capex challenges of traditional server and network infrastructure. Let NZ’s Cloud Labs help you navigate the opportunities and pitfalls that cloud technologies have to offer.

By delivering leading edge cloud computing and technology consulting and services, we can help you get your business technology in shape. Conveniently many businesses also see dramatic cost decreases when moving to the cloud.

You might rightly be wondering how our services can help your company. Our offerings are focused on cloud and online technologies and designed to make transitioning your organisation smooth.

Take for instance our Office 365 and cloud email services. We help customers utilise sound online technology that reduces the in-house requirement of owning and managing servers and infrastructure. We offer project management, consulting and training to help your organisation best leverage Office 365 and associated technologies.

Or our Cloud Hosted Services – such as  our fully managed ‘Cloud Labs Email Filtering’ service – this combines the best spam and antivirus filtering technology in the world (as used by major banks and global corporations), with local expertise to ensure you don’t have to waste time every day sorting through irrelevant junk email.

Simply put, we help our customers to leverage Internet (aka the ‘cloud’) based technologies to achieve better outcomes, utilising less time and in-house resources. Let’s face it, isn’t that what we’re all looking for?