Cloud Labs is less focussed on products and more on great business outcomes. That said, we are dedicated to finding the best of breed products available in the market to achieve those great outcomes. Right now Microsoft’s Office 365 is the product at the core of much of what we do.

Microsoft Cloud Hosted Office 365, Exchange Email, CRM, Azure

As a one of New Zealand’s first Microsoft Online Services partners, Cloud Labs often utilises one or more Microsoft offerings as part of a business solution. This can include:

  • Microsoft 365 (including the former Office 365 products)
  • Hosted Microsoft Exchange Server
  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint
  • Hosted Microsoft Lync
  • Hosted Microsoft Windows Azure
  • Hosted Microsoft SQL Azure
  • Hosted Microsoft CRM

Cloud Labs Email Filtering

An innovative and outstanding service which checks each email before it reaches you, removing any messages that contain a virus or is considered spam. Leveraging the world’s leading filtering technologies currently used by major banks and multinational firms worldwide and typical scenarios reducing spam by over 99%.

  • Staff are more efficient
  • Reduces email storage costs
  • Get’s the ‘big tick’ from management with Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices
  • Cuts internet traffic freeing up bandwidth

Cloud Labs Backup

Unfortunately people make mistakes (such as deleting important data) and systems can come under cyber attack. This is why our backup services are so important. With Cloud Labs Backup we capture the most important data and store backups in a different system in order to dramatically reduce your risk of data loss. For the most peace of mind you may wish to consider multiple backup mechanisms.

Cloud Labs Intranet

The Cloud Labs Intranet product is customised service which fits around your own processes and procedures – moving them into an online context. This allows you to automate processes, monitor and report on them each step of the way. Some of the modules available include:

  • Quoting and Ordering
  • Contact and Client Management
  • Timesheets
  • Task Management
  • Expense Claims
  • Business Documentation
  • Leave Management
  • Accounting interface
  • Outlook and Exchange Integration

Cloud Labs DataXtend

This strong product leverages the data you already own in many sorts of ways. Automated reports, customised emails, exception reporting and more. Drawing from a wide range of sources such as:

  • Microsoft SQL Server, Access and CRM
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2, AS-400, i-Series, System-i
  • 3rd party databases and applications

Cloud Labs Smart Communicate

A smart method of communicating with your clients is Cloud Labs Smart Communicate. Drawing on our technology platform you can have messages sent that look individual and personalised but are automatically generated. We can also leverage our DataXtend technology to merge information and/or graphs from data within your organisation’s database or 3rd party application.

  • Professional¬†image
  • Personalised
  • Inserted database info
  • Email views/opens tracked
  • Communication¬†via Email or SMS

Cloud Labs ContactXtend

Our ContactXtend technology enable’s smart organisations to leverage the customer/supplier contact information within their Intranet, CRM system, or other database be automatically feed into user’s mobile phones, Outlook and company public folders. For many this greatly impacts the efficiency of key staff who regularly communicate via phone or email.

Cloud Labs AccountsXtend

This innovative customised software allows the transfer of financial data from your intranet, backend database, AS400, website (or other source) into your accounting software. This saves considerable re-keying information and reduces the chance of mistakes that can be made during manual data entry. Most commonly, AccountsXtend is used to transfer information to MYOB, but other accounting packages such as Xero Accounting are also compatible.