We’ve heard today that Toyota has committed to a hybrid rollout of Microsoft’s Office 365 platform in conjunction with on premises installation of Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Lync and Windows Server.

Toyota began deploying Office 365 in June 2012 across North America and have now formalised a plan for a hybrid installation. Today’s news confirms Toyota will be providing Microsoft solutions to some 200,000 staff. They are just one of many businesses globally to make the move to Office 365. In April Microsoft announced that the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) would deploy Office 365 across 10,000 technical colleges and  educational institutions throughout India – making the cloud service  available to some 7 million students and 500,000 faculty members.

Office 365 customers in New Zealand are naturally smaller – with even 1-person businesses able to jump on-board with the big business features that this technology provides.

Deciding whether to use private, public or hybrid cloud solutions is just one of the challenges organisations in New Zealand and around the world face. As New Zealand’s specialists in cloud computing technology, Cloud Labs can assist in navigating both the business and technical decisions surrounding moving to the cloud.