This week Cloud Labs founder and CTO, Paul Spain, was called upon by TV3 for an interview about Apple’s iPhone 5 for the Firstline news show. He commented to the team afterwards that “As the most popular in a wave of mobile smart devices that make use of cloud capabilities the iPhone is expected to continue to continue as the number one selling smartphone both in NZ and globally for some time to come.”

The iPhone 5 delivers a larger screen than it’s predecessors, along with improved performance and battery life – all in a slimmer and lighter handset. In conjunction with the iPhone 5 release comes iOS 6, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system which includes updated Siri (voice recognition) functions amongst a list of some 200 new or enhanced features.

Spain highlights that despite a solid release for Apple, competing products such as Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 platform also draw heavily on cloud capabilities and are being positioned so as to attract both consumers and business customers. Windows Phone 8’s features close ties with Office 365, built-in SharePoint connectivity and Microsoft Office Apps. This may be part of the leverage vendors such as Nokia and Samsung need to sell more phones running Windows.